Jamie Robert Millar

geboren am 3. April 2001
gestorben am 5. September 2018



entzündete diese Kerze am 13. Januar 2019 um 23.13 Uhr

im Gedanken oft bei dir

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Leanne Millar
schrieb am 15. Oktober 2018 um 19.56 Uhr

"There is only one happiness in life. To love and to be loved".
Every day I thank a higher power for the opportunity to have loved my sibling, I thank them for the chance to have been loved by my sibling, and though the pain of loss rips through my body like a knife; I have gratitude that I have loved. The memories I have remind me that it was better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all. To never have loved; would mean to have never experienced happiness. Experiences, sometimes too painful to cope with, are what shape our journey. Although I may not know what the higher power is; God or just the universe and it's unexplainable twists and turns, I am blessed and grateful and hopeful that Jamie and I will be reunited on the other side. This thought; is the only thought that makes a journey in life bearable; it allows me to carry on loving others and be loved in return. One day my time will come, and if my gut feeling that the higher power exists is wrong, then at least I will not know about it.
Jamie, I will forever take you on my journey for the parts you were meant to share. I will carry you with me always in my heart. I love you for the person you were, and the person you were becoming. You taught me long ago that sometimes the Universe can be a real ass, you also taught me to see beauty even in the darkest of places. I'm choosing to find the beauty mate; and one day I pray that I can tell you about it, but if you are looking over my shoulder as I'm writing this, or the shoulder of the person who is reading this, then I want you to know, I'm proud of the person you are, the lives you have touched, and the imprint you have left on this earth. Love you mate. xx

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