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Jamie Robert Millar

geboren am 3. April 2001
gestorben am 5. September 2018



entzündete diese Kerze am 5. September 2020 um 10.33 Uhr

Hey Jamie...
It's been two years today.
I still can't get over it. There are still so many times all around the year when I break down, realising and crying. Still not understanding.
Why? Why did you have to go? Why did it have to be you? You were so young and still had your whole life to live.
I am 18 birthday was amazing but I still cried because now I'm officially older than you ever got... I can't believe it, you've always been older than me and I looked up to you.
I'd say I finally found happiness and a place to call home but there's something missing in my life and that is you. All I have is this teddy bear you gave me and it's one of my most precious belongings.
Max is trying...he really tries to be there for me on days like these. But even he can't do anything about the hole inside me that you left... everybody reading through all these candles has to think I'm crazy, I'm still texting you after all this time. Always. I miss you. Hope you're happy up there my angel♡

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schrieb am 21. Februar 2019 um 20.14 Uhr

My Rainbow Warrior..

I still miss you...

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Trauerfeier, Sauerbier Trauerhalle Büren

Samstag, 15. September 2018 10.00 Uhr


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